Hey y'all! I'm not sure how many of y'all know about the 4EveryGirl movement, but I wanted to help get the word out.

Here is the description from the 4EveryGirl site (

"4 Every Girl strives to create a media environment where girls feel valued and are defined by healthy images of themselves.

4 Every Girl envisions a time in the very near future when all forms of media – broadcast, written, entertainment and advertising – will honor the natural value of every girl.

4 Every Girl is a national campaign sending a powerful message to today's media industry leaders to present healthy images that honor and reflect the true value of every girl."

This campaign is something really close to me, personally, because I  and virtually every other girl I know is extremely affected by the media.

I encourage y'all all to sign the petition. Please. If you're a dude, do it for your sisters in Christ.

This movement really has the potential to change things. We're all made in God's image, and we all have value, no matter what the media says. :)


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