So, I'm pretty shure you've all heard about the prayer request pages, about a month ago, and we never went very far with it. Bringing the topic back up, Wikia has released a new feature into the labs, called Forums. You can read up on them here.

My question to all of you is, what do you think of this new feature?

Also, Goggles seemed dead set on making a poll, so, if only to please him, here is the poll. But personally, I'd rather more detailed reasons as to why a yes on a no. TS

What do you think of the new feature? Should we give it a try and use them for prayer requests?

The poll was created at 20:22 on December 10, 2012, and so far 4 people voted.

Anyways, so that's it. Looking forward to some replies.

Peat Talk Blogs Me 20:23 December 10, 2012

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