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  • Nehpets700

    The Birth

    December 5, 2013 by Nehpets700

    Hello, my fellow Christian comrades. Christmas is coming soon, so I thought it'd be good to make a quick blog on what Christmas really is. You're probably thinking "This is obvious to any Christian. Christmas isn't about presents, but rather celebrating the birth of Jesus, right?" and you'd be right to think that, but I wanted to go a little more into this. Now think back to the time of the Roman Empire. Try painting a picture in your mind. There was so much sin all around. There was slavery, torture, a cruel government, it was like hell on Earth for some. People were wondering what the world was coming to. Had God abandoned them, under some corrupted empire, that they would never break free from? Then, one eventful day, God made it very c…

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  • Nehpets700
    • This will take a while to read but Obi made it worth it. Consider the Man for admin please! Enjoy.
    • ReminalIf there is a Gos.
    • god
    • Gos
    • 6:46Som1udontnoI am neutral in that argument.
    • 6:46Caysie98Ah
    • 6:46Nehpets700Which he is.
    • 6:46Reminal
    • God
    • 6:46Som1udontno
    • 6:46Nehpets700And I'll try and prove it!
    • 6:46Caysie98You can't prove it
    • W E L C M E - O - T H E - C H R I T I A N - L E G O - F A N S - W i k i ! ! ! ! -Goggles99 & Jdude420
    • W E L C M E - New Dalek Paradigm - S a y - h e l l o - e v e y o n e - ! ! !
    • 6:47Som1udontnoI'm neutral until I have REAL proof.
    • 6:47New Dalek Paradigm
    • 6:47Nehpets700Ahh, but I Can!
    • 6:47Caysie98
    • 6:47Nehpets700All I need from you to prove is for you to be open to the idea.
    • 6:47RePeatWhat's the debate?
    • 6:47Nehpets700If God is real.
    • W…
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  • Nehpets700

    Burn of the day

    March 12, 2013 by Nehpets700
    • Nehpets700Chip is a guy????
    • 12:04Chipika123No!
    • 12:04Arya ElfUm, maybe.
    • Just you haven't been much today.
    • BRB in 20 minutes.
    • ;P
    • 12:05Nehpets700
    • I'm going to apply cold water to the burn now....

    Ouch. I'll have my revenge.

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  • Nehpets700
    • Mat-96Huh, I would find if funny if the church turned out to be against TFOLs and AFOLs
    • 5:16Arya ElfMat, our God tells us to love others, not hate them. He even says that hate is as bad as murder.
    • 5:16Mat-96They can be against everything they can think of, so it may happen
    • 5:16Arya ElfHave you ever heard of the ten commandments?
    • 5:17Boyoboy8-_- Mat my church is against violence, and I play COD, halo ect. Do you really think that all Christians are against the same things?
    • 5:17Mat-96Yes, but many of persons of the church seem not to ever hear about it
    • 5:17GordaxThat doesn't mean EVERYONE in the church thinks like that.
    • Atheists just LOVE to generalize.
    • 5:18Mat-96christians do it even more often
    • 5:18Nehpets700What a Stereotype. I don't just think All…
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  • Nehpets700
      • Boyoboy8Prove it mat
      • 4:07Nehpets700The religious point of view
      • 4:07AokpiszYo.
      • 4:07Apple123350Er....
      • It doesn't matter what wikis people make.
      • You can make anything.
      • 4:07Aokpisz@Mat: Um, well the difference between Christain and non Christain fans of lego is that the former is Christain and the latter isnt
      • 4:08Nehpets700And that's not necesarily true
      • Welcome to the Christian Lego Fans Wiki chat! Please read Chat Rules. 11/16/2012: Emote of the week =  . See if you can figure out how to make it!:) PLEASE DO NOT MOUSE OVER IT. PLEASE DO NOT CHEAT. I'll give you a hint! It has parentheses. If you have any emote requests, suggestions or complaints, leave me a message. Thank you ~Goggles99 
      • 4:10Nehpets700Anything else to say Mat?
      • 4:10Aokpiszhttp://legomes…
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