• I live in a hazardous place
  • My occupation is very hazardous
  • I am in constant danger of many hazards
  • Gordax

    Writer's Block

    June 3, 2013 by Gordax

    That awkward moment when you go to the desk all ramped up to write something awesome and then realize that you can't. Then the ensuing awkward moment when you realize that due to the ginormous block on your desk you wrote only 110 words today.

    Life is sad....

    Really sad.

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  • Gordax

    "The Hallway"

    April 14, 2013 by Gordax

    Here is a fairly pointless (but still probably entertaining) short story to temporarily ward off your boredom (hopefully).

    I knew not how or why I stood there, nor even when I came to be there. It was a dark hallway with a high ceiling, illuminated gloomily by a lamp that hung in the air above my head. In neither direction could I discern what was beyond the flickering light. And the air was filled with the smell of marble dust (I presumed the walls to be made of a dark color of this material).

    I began to walk, but there was no way for me to tell in which direction in which I had to travel to escape. I slid my hands across the wall for support and guidance, for my legs were weak and my lamp was dim. I do not know how long I went on like this…

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  • Gordax

    Bionicle Comic

    February 23, 2013 by Gordax

    Meh, here's my Bionicle comic. Use "open link in new tab" to view the full-sized images.

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