Hello, everyone. :-) I have something to say, and I think it's a good idea to say it here.

From the time I was just a newbie on, I had friends who stood up for me, who helped me to find my place, who encouraged me when I was depressed, in particular, one: Superseaturtle.

If you have ever known her, she is absolutely AMAZING. Not only is she an awesome creator, she's an EPIC friend. She'll stand for you, stand by you, and if you do not always agree with her, she'll agree to disagree, with Southern grace. ;-P And though I had her in mind when I wrote this, it can also be applied to others whom I've known.

So this is for all the true friends out there, but especially Superseaturtle. You are a MAGNIFICENT friend. Please keep on being one. :-)

I may eventually put up a music video of this, but not just yet. Oh, and sorry about the confused wording and troubled rhyme scheme. My first attempt at contemporary songwriting. :-/


I know you pray for me each day

And I pray for you in turn

When you're in peril

I can feel it burn.

I think of you each hour

You inspire me every day,

And I thank God in His power

For your friendship and your kindly way.

And I just wanted to say, Hey...

If you met me at the mall

Or on the sidewalk,

You probably wouldn't know me,

I wouldn't dare to talk.

I was the shyest child

And you filled the hole in my heart

When the storm blew wild,

You planted the seeds to start.

So I'd just like to say

For another day:

Hello, you might not know me

If you saw me in the streets,

But you should know that you showed me

The way to turn my feet,

I was scared and I was lonely,

Just another little girl,

But then you came along and showed me

How to change my world

And now, I dare to dream

I know things aren't always what they seem

Hello, you've never seen my face

But you should know you've shown me grace

Hello, I'm your web protege

And I'll pray for you again today.

Hello, I'd like to thank you for your time

That you spent coaching me online.

Hello, you gave me courage to work and dream,

And give my all for the hopes I've seen.

Hello, I'm your web protege

And I hope you'll show others that same way.

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