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  • ErinKenobi2893

    Prayer Request

    February 21, 2013 by ErinKenobi2893

    Hello, all,

    Thank you to everyone who viewed my last blog post and prayed for my grandmother. Sadly, she passed away yesterday at 6:30 am.

    Please pray for the repose of her soul, and please pray for my grandfather, who is struggling with belief and sorrow, and pray for my family, for strength.

    Thank you. :-)

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  • ErinKenobi2893

    Everyone: My grandmother is very sick and in the hospital. She has Alzheimer's, and my grandfather is struggling with cancer as well. Please, pray for them, and pray for me. Pray that I'll have the strength to get through this without falling apart. Thank you.

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  • ErinKenobi2893

    A Tribute to Turtle

    January 31, 2013 by ErinKenobi2893

    Hello, everyone. :-) I have something to say, and I think it's a good idea to say it here.

    From the time I was just a newbie on, I had friends who stood up for me, who helped me to find my place, who encouraged me when I was depressed, in particular, one: Superseaturtle.

    If you have ever known her, she is absolutely AMAZING. Not only is she an awesome creator, she's an EPIC friend. She'll stand for you, stand by you, and if you do not always agree with her, she'll agree to disagree, with Southern grace. ;-P And though I had her in mind when I wrote this, it can also be applied to others whom I've known.

    So this is for all the true friends out there, but especially Superseaturtle. You are a MAGNIFICENT friend. Please keep on being oneā€¦

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  • ErinKenobi2893

    Hi everyone! ErinKenobi2893 here. :-)

    I have a question. Has anyone ever heard of a company called Vision Forum? It's, like, THE resource for homeschooled Christians. :-) Here's the link to their website:

    It puts out this really cool audio drama called "Jonathan Park", which is all about creationism, and why we believe in the Bible. The website is I'm a member of the Extended Response Team, by the way. :-D

    Incidentally, I believe that God created, in whichever way pleased Him. Yeah, I'm pretty orthodox in my doctrine. :-)

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