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  • I live in a house
  • I was born on February 16
  • My occupation is Living
  • I am Male
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  • Are you a Arminian? I know it's a random Q, but I never asked before. If you're not, then do you call your self like a Calvinist? Or, do you not like both of them? TS

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    • Could you tell me if I understood your position correctly? :P

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    • Obi the LEGO Fan wrote: Could you tell me if I understood your position correctly? :P

      About which? That I believe it is possible for a Christian to leave the faith? No. I believe the opposite. When I was musing about that I was referring to the hypothetical (and according to my beliefs, impossible) situation that I had introduced earlier to help clarify my points.

      Second, forgiveness is NOT conditional. God needs nothing from us. He has all He needs, yet He sends His Son to die for us to bring us forgiveness. Did He need us? Was there some condition that He needed us to fill? The entire scenario speaks of unconditional love. The verses you bring up are good, and I do not believe it is for a one time prayer (as I said before I think it is good to ask for forgiveness). That said, since this prayer is for believers, and believers will be forgiving others as part of the Christian life, then they are being forgiven by their Father. That is what the verse is explaining. The non-Christians, who are not forgiving others, are not forgiven. It does not say that one goes to Heaven merely by forgiving people.

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  • Hello! I'd like to welcome you to Christian LEGO Fans Wiki! Thank you for your edit to the User blog:Shadowfax123/Prayer Request for Batgirl page.

    Please feel free to join us at the Chat here> [[1]] <, or leave me a message on my wall if I can help with anything! :)

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