[02:03] <Jdude420> The OOO guy is a Admin on LEGO Spam Wiki
[02:03] <Jdude420>
[02:03] <Jdude420> Look
[02:04] <Jdude420> Marshal has a bunch of custom emots on his CLub Wiki
[02:04] <Jdude420> and he has an obsession with BAtman...
[02:04] <Goggles99> Yea?
[02:05] <A5637> a Lego Spam wiki? Really? (fp) 
[02:05] <Jdude420> Those Club emots are on his Wiki...
[02:06] <A5637> Could be...
[02:06] <A5637> Ask an admin
[02:06] <Seaside98> hi guys
[02:06] <Goggles99> Hmm
[02:06] <Jdude420> Im re<span style="color:red;">sea</span>rching a possible dupe...
[02:06] <Goggles99> Hey <span style="color:red;">Sea</span>isde!
[02:06] <A5637> hi <span style="color:red;">sea</span>
[02:06] <Goggles99> *<span style="color:red;">Sea</span>side
[02:07] <Seaside98> who JD?
[02:07] <Goggles99> Marshal
[02:08] <Seaside98> what account?
[02:08] <Seaside98> hes made a dupe already...
[02:08] <Jdude420> Im O O O
[02:08] <Jdude420> I banned one of his dupes for a year
[02:08] <Seaside98> that guy?
[02:08] <A5637> what about Mega (Facepalm) 
[02:08] <Seaside98> he was marshals
[02:08] <Goggles99> Hmm...
[02:08] <A5637> Mega ( Facepalm)
[02:08] <Seaside98> i got him banned from wikia for ever
[02:08] <Goggles99> You mean Megaman?
[02:08] <A5637> No, Urlich was real
[02:09] <Goggles99> Oh
[02:09] <Seaside98> dupes are terrible at hiding it :P 
[02:09] <A5637> Yes
[02:09] <Goggles99> Well is they are dumb enough to get banned in the first place.. :P 
[02:09] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Darn it. :( 
[02:09] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Wait...
[02:09] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Sorry. :P 
[02:10] <Seaside98> they always post some "secret message"... :P 
[02:10] <Ihaveawiixboxds> I didn't know that was bad... :P 
[02:10] <Goggles99> NP
[02:10] <A5637> Good ol' Christian realistic dating advice
[02:10] <Goggles99> Jdude banned it
[02:10] <A5637>
[02:10] <Goggles99> EH??
[02:10] <A5637> BlimeyCow
[02:10] <A5637> Love those guys...
[02:10] <Seaside98> his avi is fake
[02:10] <Ihaveawiixboxds> The new pic that I wanted as my avvie wouldn't work... :( 
[02:11] <A5637> Could be fake...
[02:11] <Seaside98> im searching MLN for him
[02:11] <Goggles99> Is that a joke A5?
[02:11] <A5637> What do you mean by a joke?
[02:12] <Jdude420> He posted a link to his Rank 1 MLN page
[02:12] <A5637> The video or my comment on the photo
[02:12] <A5637> ?
[02:12] <Seaside98> link?
[02:12] <Goggles99> The video
[02:12] <A5637> What was that gog?
[02:12] <Jdude420> I dont have it...
[02:12] <Seaside98> wait, i found it
[02:12] <A5637> No....
[02:12] <Goggles99> Umm :P 
[02:12] <Seaside98> ok... its a real pic
[02:12] <Goggles99> Then why is it so laughable?
[02:12] <A5637> BlimeyCow, while sarcastic, was giving some realistic advice...
[02:13] <Goggles99> Sure :P 
[02:13] <Goggles99> Ok
[02:13] <A5637> Being chivalrous is good!
[02:13] <A5637> :P 
[02:13] <Jdude420> A5 I know :P 
[02:13] <A5637> Take from it what you want...
[02:13] <Seaside98> hes friends with marshal on MLN 
[02:13] <A5637> You have to watch all of it to get his main points...
[02:13] <Seaside98> suspicious...
[02:14] <Goggles99> Yo
[02:14] <A5637> Just was the first guy to respond to a CnN poll XD
[02:14] <Goggles99> Whats Marshies numbers?
[02:14] <Goggles99> On the end of his name?
[02:14] <Jdude420> 6000
[02:14] <Seaside98> 6000
[02:14] <Seaside98> yeah
[02:14] <Goggles99> Kk thanks
[02:15] <Goggles99> YES
[02:15] <Goggles99> FOUND IT
[02:15] <Goggles99> Here
[02:15] <Goggles99> Look
[02:15] <Goggles99>
[02:15] <A5637> Yes...
[02:15] <Seaside98> oh, and marshal IP, with i found :P
[02:15] <Seaside98>
[02:16] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Why do all the Wiki pictures get saved onto my computer? :S 
[02:16] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Can I disable that? :S 
[02:16] <A5637> yes, certainly looks...suspicious
[02:17] <Goggles99> Hacker hacker sandy :P 
[02:17] <Seaside98> hes a admin on the LEGO spam wiki
[02:17] <Seaside98> :S 
[02:17] <Goggles99> Jk
[02:17] <Goggles99> Hey guys
[02:17] <Goggles99> Did I ever show you that bad template that Marshal made?
[02:17] <Seaside98> no
[02:18] <A5637> No, please don't :P 
[02:18] <A5637> Did anybody see my converastion with that new guy in the TME Blog?
[02:19] <Seaside98> not enough info to determine if O O O0 is a dupe :P 
[02:19] <Jdude420> BANNING TIME YEHAW
[02:19] <Seaside98> yeah
[02:19] <Seaside98> what JD? :P 
[02:19] <Goggles99> Well...
[02:19] <Goggles99> I have to show it to somebody
[02:19] <Goggles99> I was gonna show it to BCG
[02:19] <Jdude420> Im gonna killl this sly mash 8oi 
[02:19] <Goggles99> But he left
[02:19] <Goggles99> :S 
[02:20] <Goggles99> I showed it to BCGirl and she didn't know what to do with it
[02:20] <A5637> Hmmm,,,
[02:20] <A5637> *...
[02:20] <Goggles99> Lol wait....thats a picture of Marshals eye XD
[02:20] <Seaside98> show meh! :P 
[02:21] <Goggles99> :P 
[02:21] <Goggles99> BCG's eye VS Marshals eye in his avie :P 
[02:21] <Jdude420> :P 
[02:21] <Seaside98> fail
[02:21] <Goggles99> BCG's pwns
[02:21] <A5637> totally :P 
[02:21] <Seaside98> Yeah
[02:21] <Jdude420> BANNED 8oi 
[02:22] <Jdude420> 1 year
[02:22] <Jdude420> TWERP
[02:22] <Goggles99> Oo la la
[02:22] <Jdude420> YEA
[02:22] <Seaside98> um...
[02:22] <Jdude420> yea <span style="color:red;">Sea</span>?
[02:22] <Seaside98> what is your proof?
[02:22] <Ihaveawiixboxds> There we go. :) 
[02:22] <Seaside98> he could be anyone
[02:22] <Ihaveawiixboxds> I fixed the problem. :) 
[02:22] <Goggles99> Heya Iha!
[02:22] <Goggles99> :P 
[02:23] <Seaside98> what problem? :P 
[02:23] <Jdude420> Ban proof:
[02:23] <Jdude420> His MLN account is all MNLers except Marshal and 3 others 
[02:23] <A5637> And there's a lot of it...
[02:24] <Ihaveawiixboxds> New avvie! :D 
[02:24] <Goggles99> Zelda avie
[02:24] <Goggles99> *?
[02:24] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Golden Sun. :P 
[02:24] <Goggles99> Oh
[02:24] <Jdude420> His emots that he put on LEGO Spam Wiki are the same ones Marh made on his Club Wiki
[02:24] <Goggles99> Never heard of it :( 
[02:24] <Goggles99> Loots cool though :) 
[02:24] <Seaside98> nice with the emote
[02:24] <Seaside98> *emotes
[02:24] <Seaside98> never would have noticed that
[02:24] <Jdude420> So is that good enough?
[02:25] <Jdude420> *Marsh
[02:25] <Seaside98> maybe...
[02:25] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Golden Sun: The Lost Age is my fav game. :D 
[02:25] <Goggles99> Yeah?
[02:25] <Goggles99> Whats it for?
[02:25] <Goggles99> Wii?
[02:25] <Jdude420> bbl
[02:25] <Ihaveawiixboxds> It's for GBA.
[02:26] <Ihaveawiixboxds> I don't even own it, sadly. :P 
[02:26] <Ihaveawiixboxds> But I've beatenm the whole game. :P 
[02:26] <Ihaveawiixboxds> *Beaten
[02:26] <Goggles99> Aw :( 
[02:26] <Goggles99> How?
[02:26] <Goggles99> :P 
[02:26] <Goggles99> Emulator?
[02:26] <Ihaveawiixboxds> I borrowed it from my friend. :P 
[02:27] <Goggles99> Ah okies
[02:27] <Ihaveawiixboxds> I then bought the other 2 gaes in the series.
[02:27] <Ihaveawiixboxds> But they just weren't as good. :/ 
[02:27] <Goggles99> Yeh?
[02:27] <Goggles99> Shame
[02:28] <Goggles99> Why? :P 
[02:28] <Goggles99> What are they sayin?
[02:28] <A5637> Seriously, let me copy and paste a few that can be shown on a children's website...
[02:28] <A5637> Grown people making fools of themselves...
[02:29] <Goggles99> This is not a childrens website dude
[02:29] <A5637> Portugal for Obama!!!
[02:29] <Goggles99> Youngets here is 14 I think
[02:29] <Goggles99> :P 
[02:29] <A5637> *Really, this is an American Election?*
[02:29] <Goggles99> *youngest
[02:29] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Imma add more GSTLA pics to mah page. :P 
[02:29] <Goggles99> Whaaa?
[02:29] <A5637> Well, then...
[02:29] <Goggles99> Are these like...twitter comments?
[02:29] <A5637> The stuff with asteriks around it will be my comments
[02:30] <A5637> Yes
[02:30] <Goggles99> Ah XD
[02:30] <Goggles99> Those are annoying
[02:30] <Goggles99> Make me want to throw my shoe at the tv
[02:30] <A5637> Romneys Born with Richness..But Obama is born with a Vision..Im in India & feel America needs a vision more...If Romney wins il Immigrate to the US!! Go Obama
[02:30] <A5637> *Again...YOURE FROM INDIA*
[02:30] <Seaside98> obama [censored] :P 
[02:30] <Ihaveawiixboxds> LOL, he's so desperate. :P :P 
[02:30] <A5637> I from Italy, but i support Obbama! FORZA OBAMA!
[02:31] <Goggles99> (ys) 
[02:31] <Goggles99> (XD) 
[02:31] <A5637> *Same as above ones, plus bad spelling*
[02:31] <Seaside98> :P 
[02:31] <A5637> college students voting for Romney obviously have no clue what they are doing to themselves!!!!
[02:31] <Goggles99> Why?
[02:31] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Romney is LAME. :P 
[02:31] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Obamma is LAME. :P 
[02:32] <Goggles99> What have you got against college students?
[02:32] <Goggles99> :P 
[02:32] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Vote for Santa. :P 
[02:32] <Goggles99> Tss (XD) 
[02:32] <A5637> *That would mean the older, wiser ones would be voting for Obama, right?...Oh wait, seniors and those over 40 favor Romney...*
[02:32] <A5637> *Again, only the things in asteriks are MY comments*
[02:32] <Seaside98> at my school Jesus got a vote :P 
[02:32] <A5637> why do we vote? The electoral votes are the ones that count, not the people
[02:32] <Seaside98> and so did Rainbow Dash :P 
[02:33] <A5637> *Did you pass middle school?*
[02:33] <Seaside98> but Romney won :P 
[02:33] <Goggles99> XD
[02:33] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Rainbow Dash for president! :D 
[02:33] <Goggles99> (fp) 
[02:34] <Ihaveawiixboxds> EVERYONE NEEDS FRIENDSHIP. :P 
[02:34] <A5637> "But the new medical system would cost Americans thousands...*
[02:34] <Ihaveawiixboxds> RAINBOW DASH WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN. :P 
[02:34] <A5637> BTW, someone needs to be chat logging this unbeleivable satire.
[02:34] <Seaside98> yeah :P 
[02:34] <A5637> Please
[02:34] <A5637> :P 
[02:34] <Seaside98> i dont have chatlogger on... one second...
[02:35] <Goggles99> Logging it eh? :P 
[02:35] <A5637> this just in romeny is adolf hitlers great great.......... son and he will do the samething to all of us run!!!!!!!!!
[02:35] <Seaside98> logged :P 
[02:35] <A5637> *Again, that's a low blow...And where is your spelling, dude?*
[02:36] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Logging chat?
[02:36] <Goggles99> Pfft! (XD) 
[02:36] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Cool. :P 
[02:36] <Goggles99> Some people are nuts
[02:36] <A5637> OBAMA FOREVER!!!!!
[02:36] <A5637> *You do realize that would mean a dictatorship, and that if that happened it would mean the Consitution was in shambles? YOU ONLY GET EIGHT YEARS. MAX*
[02:36] <Goggles99> Forever is a long time
[02:37] <Goggles99> What about when he gets really old?? He might go insane
[02:37] <Goggles99> :O 
[02:37] <A5637> romney will put the white back in whitehouse
[02:37] <Goggles99> (fp) 
[02:37] <Goggles99> That doesn't even make sense
[02:37] <A5637> *RACIST. :( *
[02:38] <Seaside98> lol :P 
[02:38] <A5637> America thinks it knows what is best for the world, but it cannot even choose what is best for itself...OBAMA!
[02:38] <Goggles99> It does??
[02:38] <Goggles99> How dare it?? :O 
[02:38] <Goggles99> :P 
[02:39] <A5637> *Well, I'm sure that one tweet from you is sure going to change everybody elses minds. It surely deserves saying, right. I mean, its unbiased, and fact based... (seriously)*
[02:39] <Goggles99> Lol I like how you have this conversation with the twitter people...
[02:39] <Goggles99> You should get a twiiter account and go and rant to the world
[02:39] <Goggles99> :P 
[02:39] <Seaside98> :P 
[02:39] <A5637> Totally...
[02:39] <Seaside98> yeah
[02:40] <A5637> That's why I want this chatlogged :P 
[02:40] <A5637> Its sorta the same thing :P 
[02:40] <A5637> *Then why have over 15 million voted against him in only one country?*
[02:43] <Bluehat8> I do.
[02:43] <A5637> Why can't I be CM?
[02:43] <Seaside98> make A5 CM
[02:43] <Legobrickelijah> Oh yah, I forgot :P 
[02:43] <Bluehat8> Obamo is a Muslim :o 
[02:43] <Goggles99> Cos you are busy writing tweets
[02:44] <Seaside98> <refresh>
[02:44] <Legobrickelijah> I know, Romney is Morman
[02:44] <Chipika123> Tweet tweet. :P 
[02:44] <Seaside98> back
[02:44] <Goggles99> SHABAM
[02:44] <Legobrickelijah> Wait, I`m a Cm?
[02:44] <A5637> So much fun...
[02:44] <Seaside98> yeah
[02:44] <Seaside98> refresh though
[02:44] <Bluehat8> Yep
[02:44] <Goggles99> Congrats
[02:44] <Legobrickelijah> I havea star By my name?
[02:44] <Legobrickelijah> *have
[02:44] <Seaside98> yeah
[02:44] <Goggles99> Yep
[02:44] <Seaside98> (FP) 
[02:44] <Legobrickelijah> Cuz I don`t have the ban option
[02:44] <Legobrickelijah> :p 
[02:44] <A5637> Romney is an insult to Americans!!!!
[02:45] <Legobrickelijah> `Ello Nya
[02:45] <Bluehat8> I have one yes??? :) 
[02:45] <Padmec3po> Hi! :D :P 
[02:45] <A5637> *Romney. I said it. Do you guys feel insulted/* :P 
[02:45] <Legobrickelijah> No Hat,,Sorry 
[02:45] <Bluehat8> hey
[02:45] <A5637> Hi Padme
[02:45] <Bluehat8> no I dont
[02:45] <Goggles99> Heya Pad
[02:45] <A5637> I'm ranting on Liberal CNN comments
[02:45] <Padmec3po> Hi. :P 
[02:45] <Goggles99> Congrats on CM
[02:45] <Legobrickelijah> If I were a Admin I might make you one. :) 
[02:45] <Goggles99> :P 
[02:45] <Bluehat8> I'm never a CM
[02:45] <Goggles99> Awww
[02:45] <Padmec3po> WO!!! I AM MOD!!!!! :d :d 
[02:45] <Goggles99> So booho-ish :P 
[02:45] <Goggles99> Here :P 
[02:45] <Legobrickelijah> Rarely anyone is :P 
[02:45] <A5637> f this relationship did not workout after 4 yrs..(with hundreds of 'baggage year's' ....then just trade'em in for the newer model 'that promises'.. This seems to have become our culture's 'MOTTO' in order to rectify our countries ' sticky unrewarding situation's (for our own gain). IF YOU VOTED "OBAMA"... you may have just made a GIANT step towards our country's show for solidarity and "intact". Vote Romney and the world will continue to view our country as 'WISHY-WASHY'... and continue to use our showing to their advantage in this most precarious of times. show support/strength to the world.. or just 'SHUT UP IF OBAMA DOES NOT HAVE A CHANCE TO NOW MAKE HIS VOICE HEARD and implementaion's for the countries benefit and see them to fruition. OBAMA.. our countries ONLY CHANCE!
[02:45] <Legobrickelijah> Yay! :) 
[02:45] <Bluehat8> my wilie never gets users
[02:46] <Goggles99> Bluehat is cm!
[02:46] <Goggles99> :) 
[02:46] <Padmec3po> Awesome everyone on here is a CM :P 
[02:46] <Goggles99> Lol
[02:46] <Goggles99> For now :P 
[02:46] <A5637> *Wow, thanks for a rant that's worse than mine and has little direction at all...*
[02:46] <Legobrickelijah> Can I be a Admin, I heard I would be a good one. :p 
[02:46] <Bluehat8> Hey thanks.
[02:46] <Seaside98> demote Pad Gog :P 
[02:46] <Bluehat8> lol lbe
[02:46] <Goggles99> You heard that?
[02:46] <Padmec3po> Oh wait.... There is Wii...... :P 
[02:46] <Goggles99> WHo told you that LBE?
[02:46] <Legobrickelijah> <span style="color:red;">Sea</span>side? :p
[02:46] <Bluehat8> (Fp) 
[02:46] <Padmec3po> He is evil though., :P 
[02:46] <Goggles99> <span style="color:red;">SEA</span>SIDE?? (abe)
[02:46] <Seaside98> (YS) 
[02:46] <Legobrickelijah> ummmmmmmmmmmm, My imaginary friend Bob. :p 
[02:46] <Goggles99> Stop telling people they will make good admins!
[02:46] <Legobrickelijah> :P 
[02:46] <Goggles99> Oh...
[02:46] <Legobrickelijah> He didn`t
[02:46] <Seaside98> i didnt! :P 
[02:46] <Goggles99> (XD) 
[02:47] <Goggles99> Evil bob
[02:47] <Goggles99> :P 
[02:47] <Legobrickelijah> :p 
[02:47] <Padmec3po> Who did what!? :P 
[02:47] <Chipika123> Bowser told. :P 
[02:47] <Seaside98> although, if you are looking for a few... :P 
[02:47] <Bluehat8> (Gp) :-p 
[02:47] <Bluehat8> ;p
[02:47] <Goggles99> Nah
[02:47] <Bluehat8> nah
[02:47] <Goggles99> The community isn't active enough to have more admins :/ 
[02:47] <Legobrickelijah> Who here is a admin?
[02:47] <Goggles99> Jdude and me
[02:47] <Legobrickelijah> oh
[02:47] <Padmec3po> Not me. :P :P 
[02:47] <Bluehat8> DEVA VU X4
[02:47] <Bluehat8> AHHHHHHH
[02:47] <Seaside98> am i first on the list... :P 
[02:47] <Ihaveawiixboxds> I'm an Admin. :P 
[02:47] <Seaside98> opps
[02:47] <Seaside98> (FP) 
[02:48] <Goggles99> Who here is Christian?
[02:48] <Legobrickelijah> Me :) 
[02:48] <Seaside98> me :P 
[02:48] <Goggles99> 2
[02:48] <Bluehat8> You are? (Fp) me!
[02:48] <Seaside98> :) 
[02:48] <Goggles99> 3
[02:48] <Legobrickelijah> :D 
[02:48] <Ihaveawiixboxds> I'm a Christian.
[02:48] <Goggles99> 4
[02:48] <Legobrickelijah> :) 
[02:48] <Bluehat8> Me!!!
[02:48] <Legobrickelijah> :) 
[02:48] <A5637> Me! :D 
[02:48] <Legobrickelijah> 5!
[02:48] <Goggles99> 5
[02:48] <Seaside98> 5 :P 
[02:48] <Legobrickelijah> 6!
[02:48] <Seaside98> 6
[02:48] <Legobrickelijah> :D 
[02:48] <Goggles99> 5
[02:48] <Ihaveawiixboxds> 7! :S 
[02:48] <Seaside98> (FP) 
[02:48] <Bluehat8> 6!
[02:48] <Legobrickelijah> googles Pm
[02:48] <Goggles99> oh yea
[02:48] <Goggles99> 6
[02:48] <A5637> RON PAUL 2012 <-Fav. comment of night :P 
[02:48] <Goggles99> Lolz
[02:48] <Seaside98> 21! :P 
[02:48] <Legobrickelijah> :p 
[02:48] <Goggles99> (ys) 
[02:48] <Ihaveawiixboxds> RON PAUL 2012! :D 
[02:48] <Ihaveawiixboxds> YES! :D 
[02:48] <Bluehat8> Art (Fp) :p 
[02:49] <Goggles99> How bout you Pad?
[02:49] <Legobrickelijah> Romney 56% Obama 43%
[02:49] <Legobrickelijah> Pm googles?
[02:49] <Seaside98> RAINBOW DASH 2012!!! :d 
[02:49] <Goggles99> I need a new avie...people dont take me seriously with this one
[02:49] <A5637> If you vote for Romney your mommy and daddy probably paid for your college.
[02:49] <Goggles99> >:O 
[02:49] <A5637> *Well, I'm sure that's true for just about every...NONE of us. Or very view*
[02:49] <Bluehat8> Ikr
[02:50] <A5637> Can all the Romney supporters self-deport to the moon now?
[02:50] <Bluehat8> I'm not in college yet...
[02:50] <A5637> *It might get crowded with the millions up there*
[02:50] <Bluehat8> umm. No
[02:50] <Bluehat8> Lol :p 
[02:50] <Jdude420> BAck
[02:50] <Jdude420> O_O
[02:50] <Seaside98> hi JD! :D :P 
[02:50] <Jdude420> 8 CMs?
[02:50] <Seaside98> Gog did it! :P 
[02:50] <Legobrickelijah> yes :P 
[02:50] <Jdude420> 10 peeps?
[02:50] <Bluehat8> Hey jdude
[02:51] <Jdude420> What now were doing all the politics here? :P 
[02:51] <Seaside98> yep :P 
[02:51] <Goggles99> Yea
[02:51] <Bluehat8> umm. A5 are you an assassin
[02:51] <Seaside98> Gog, PM!
[02:51] <A5637> *Well, besides the fact that you could get prosecuted for threatening a man of office...NO, HES NOT*
[02:51] <Goggles99> Politics is fine
[02:51] <Jdude420> Obama is about 45k ahead 
[02:51] <Seaside98> :P 
[02:51] <Bluehat8> Lol.its election day (Fp) 
[02:51] <Seaside98> yeah
[02:51] <A5637> No, Bluehat
[02:51] <Bluehat8> Huh uh
[02:51] <Bluehat8> ...
[02:51] <Jdude420> Mittens is getting the Midwest pretty godd...
[02:51] <Jdude420> *good
[02:52] <Padmec3po> Hey anyone here like Ninjago?
[02:52] <Jdude420> Im sure CO will be Obama...
[02:52] <Jdude420> Hi Nya :P : P: P
[02:52] <Jdude420> A (fw) 
[02:52] <Padmec3po> Hi Jay.... :P 
[02:52] <Jdude420> I like the color of my avy :P 
[02:52] <A5637> I think nearly the whole world would vote for Obama. If you'd ask everyone in the Netherlands, 90% would say OBAMA.
[02:52] <Padmec3po> Me to. :P 
[02:52] <Jdude420> Too bad wii is hating on it so much :P 
[02:52] <Jdude420> A ;P
[02:52] <Seaside98> me too JD :P 
[02:53] <Padmec3po> I'll have a word with him.... :P 
[02:53] <Jdude420> :P 
[02:53] <Bluehat8> Back...
[02:53] <Bluehat8> :p 
[02:53] <A5637> *Another one of these. Really? NOT EVERYBODY IS "ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE AISLE" LIKE YOU! That's how democracy works!*
[02:54] <Jdude420> Im studying for a Algebra quiz, watching election stuff, and chatting :P :P 
[02:54] <Legobrickelijah> Obama-157 romney-153
[02:54] <Seaside98> haha JD
[02:54] <A5637> I think I might be done...This is too depressing...
[02:54] <Jediliam01> o/ 
[02:54] <A5637> Hi Jedi
[02:54] <A5637> Hi TME
[02:54] <Jediliam01> hello :3
[02:54] <ThroughMyEyes> Hello.
[02:54] <A5637> wow, everyone is here
[02:54] <Legobrickelijah> YEs. :p 
[02:54] <A5637> Anybody want me to continue?
[02:54] <Jdude420> 'Ello
[02:54] <Jdude420> A, idc :P 
[02:55] <Jdude420> CG :D :D 
[02:55] <Legobrickelijah> Another Guy :p 
[02:55] <Ihaveawiixboxds> :P 
[02:55] <Legobrickelijah> `Ello Cg
[02:55] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Look at the pictures. :P 
[02:55] <Bluehat8>
[02:55] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Now I need to add my custom memes... :P 
[02:55] <A5637> Someone Chatlog my whole rant :P 
[02:55] <Jdude420> Other Admin, may I have a word>>>>>>>>>>>>>> :P 
[02:56] <Jdude420> A, :P 
[02:56] <Legobrickelijah> :P 
[02:56] <Jdude420> Cg :D 
[02:57] <Bluehat8> My chat is too laggy
[02:57] <Gordax> Ooooh.... :P 
[02:57] <Bluehat8> to go in much linger
[02:57] <Jdude420> 'Ello
[02:57] <Bluehat8> on* longer*
[02:57] <Bluehat8> hey ford. Neph
[02:57] <Nehpets700> Hello :P 
[02:57] <Bluehat8> hey packman
[02:57] <Nehpets700> Come on Romney!
[02:57] <Gordax> What's going on? :p 
[02:58] <A5637> bye guys, I'm tired from all that ranting :P 
[02:58] <Seaside98> :P 
[02:58] <A5637> Was I chatlogged?
[02:58] <Jdude420> :P 
[02:58] <ThroughMyEyes> Why is half the population here CM? :p 
[02:58] <Ihaveawiixboxds> MEME MAKING TIME! :P 
[02:58] <Ihaveawiixboxds> :( 
[02:59] <Jdude420> Pad :D 
[02:59] <Jediliam01> I WANT TO BE A CM HERE TOO. :P 
[02:59] <Gordax> I'm gonna leave now. :P 
[02:59] <Padmec3po> Back! Jay! :P 
[02:59] <Bluehat8> Lol
[02:59] <Jediliam01> IF PADME IS A CM, I NEED TO BE A CM. :P 
[02:59] <Seaside98> cya guys!
[02:59] <Bluehat8> cya
[02:59] <A5637> Please, I beg you, log chat now
[02:59] <Seaside98> i gtg
[02:59] <Padmec3po> Jedi: :P 
[02:59] <Seaside98> ok A5
[02:59] <Bluehat8> Kk
[02:59] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Mec is a CM? (FP) 
[02:59] <Jediliam01> And if Bluehat is a CM, I need to be a CM. :P 
[02:59] <Gordax> Bye.... :P 
[02:59] <Seaside98> logged 
[02:59] <Padmec3po>
[02:59] <Goggles99> Why Jed?
[02:59] <Padmec3po> :P 
[02:59] <Bluehat8> (Fp) 
[02:59] <Goggles99> What have you done?
[02:59] <Goggles99> :P 
[02:59] <A5637> Tell me when it was logged...
[03:00] <Jdude420> (fp) 
[03:00] <Goggles99> JED IS POWERHUNGRY!
[03:00] <Jediliam01> @Gogs: I'm a CM at LMBW, and peeps like Bluehat are CMs :P 
[03:00] <Ihaveawiixboxds> WHO MADE MEC A CHAT MODERATOR? (FP) 
[03:00] <Seaside98> right... now
[03:00] <Goggles99> Me :P 
[03:00] <Jediliam01> I don't see why I can't be one :P 
[03:00] <Goggles99> You dont?
[03:00] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Bad idea, Goggles. :P 
[03:00] <Goggles99> Have you done anything for this wiki?
[03:00] <Goggles99> :O 
[03:00] <Seaside98> [[Christian Lego Fans Wiki:Chat/Logs/7 November 2012|Christian_Lego_Fans_Wiki:Chat/Logs/7_November_2012]]
[03:00] <ThroughMyEyes> *Goggles' conscience is reminding him, TME, TME* B0
[03:00] <ThroughMyEyes> * :p 
[03:00] <Jdude420> I DIDNT MAKE ANYONE CM :P 
[03:00] <Seaside98> bye JD!
[03:00] <Goggles99> Oh yea...
[03:00] <Seaside98> bye gog!
[03:00] <Jediliam01> Padme and Bluehat haven't done anything for this wiki, Gog
[03:00] <Jediliam01> :P 
[03:00] <Seaside98> i might be back later
[03:00] <ThroughMyEyes> :o 
[03:00] <Goggles99> Bye <span style="color:red;">Sea</span>!
[03:00] <Bluehat8> I will guys
[03:00] <Jediliam01> SERIOUSLY DUDE
[03:00] <Jediliam01> ;P
[03:00] <Jdude420> :P 
[03:00] <Goggles99> Neither have you Jed :P 
[03:00] <Padmec3po> Why does no one want me to be mod?
[03:00] <Seaside98> cya! :) 
[03:01] <ThroughMyEyes> Wow... :p 

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