[01:31] <Seaside98> ping "Sea" to get me
[02:04] <Nxtstep101> Anyone here?
[02:04] <Seaside98> oh, hey!
[02:04] <Nxtstep101> Hey!
[02:04] <Seaside98> Changed your avi!
[02:05] <Nxtstep101> Yep :P 
[02:05] <Seaside98> Cool!
[02:06] <Seaside98> I'm doing research for school (er)
[02:06] <Seaside98> * :/ 
[02:06] <Nxtstep101> Cool
[02:06] <Nxtstep101> Are you public schooled?
[02:06] <Seaside98> yeah
[02:09] <Nxtstep101> O I am homeschooled
[02:09] <Nxtstep101> Well g2g cya

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