[10:15] <Klintrin1011> (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) 
[10:16] <Klintrin1011> Hi. :P 
[10:16] <Klintrin1011> Like ma army? :P 
[10:16] <Klintrin1011> :#
[10:16] <Klintrin1011> :3 
[10:16] <Klintrin1011> (nintendodsi)
[10:17] <Legocityfan119> Hai. :P 
[10:18] <Legocityfan119> GOGLOL :P 
[10:18] <Legocityfan119> (GOGLOL) 
[10:18] <Jdude420> :P 
[10:18] <Jdude420> CHEATER! :P 
[10:18] <Klintrin1011> (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) (goglol) 
[10:18] <Legocityfan119> Jdude420 
[10:18] <Legocityfan119> WHAT
[10:18] <Klintrin1011> Daheq Jdude . :P 
[10:19] <Legocityfan119> Jdude 
[10:19] <Legocityfan119> Jdude420 
[10:19] <Legocityfan119> :P 
[10:19] <Klintrin1011> ABUSE OF POWER. :P 
[10:19] <Klintrin1011> (arr) 
[10:19] <Klintrin1011> (MRE) 
[10:19] <Legocityfan119> :P 
[10:24] <Jdude420> Spammer :P 
[10:24] <Jdude420> XD
[10:27] <Legocityfan119> :P 
[10:27] <Legocityfan119>
[10:27] <Legocityfan119> (FP) 
[10:27] <Legocityfan119> :P 
[10:27] <Jdude420> I HAV DA SPAM HAMMA
[10:30] <Legocityfan119> :P 
[10:30] <Legocityfan119> JD , Did you fix Jhulk? :P 
[10:30] <Legocityfan119> *[[]]JD
[10:31] <Jdude420> Pharaoh 
[10:31] <Jdude420> (jhulk) 
[10:31] <Jdude420> Not yet, busy :P 
[10:32] <Legocityfan119> :P 
[10:33] <Legocityfan119> Okay. :P 
[10:33] <Jdude420> bhvwoebhovbhvbhobdvhsobhdvsdvbohbodvbhdbdsbvelo
[10:33] <Jdude420> *Admin Spam
[10:33] <Jdude420> :P 
[10:34] <Legocityfan119> Wub. :P 
[10:35] <Jdude420> (xd2) 
[10:35] <Jdude420> (pc) 
[10:36] <Legocityfan119> (pc) 
[10:37] <Jdude420> :D 
[10:42] <Klintrin1011> df ;b
[10:42] <Klintrin1011> f
[10:42] <Klintrin1011> d
[10:42] <Klintrin1011> g
[10:42] <Klintrin1011> vf
[10:42] <Klintrin1011> f
[10:42] <Klintrin1011> f
[10:42] <Klintrin1011> f
[10:42] <Klintrin1011> f
[10:42] <Klintrin1011> f
[10:42] <Klintrin1011> f
[10:43] <Jdude420> 8oi 
[10:43] <Jdude420> UG DUMB EMOTS MUST CHANGE :P 
[10:44] <Legocityfan119> :P 
[10:44] <Jdude420> I keep telling Gog to ALWAYS put () around them... :P 
[10:44] <Legocityfan119> KLINT. :P 
[10:44] <Jdude420> (fp) 
[10:44] <Legocityfan119> [[]]JD, Why don't you just fix them? XD
[10:45] <Jdude420> Lazyness is not a quality.... :P 
[10:45] <Legocityfan119> :P 
[10:45] <Jdude420> Busyness is... P
[10:45] <Jdude420> I am the latter..., or so I think :P 

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