These rules should not be necessary. But should they ever be needed, here they are.

User Rules

  1. No spam.
  2. No trolling.
  3. No advertising.
  4. No pointless arguing (debates are allowed, but dont make them personal)
  5. No being insulting to the things a user likes/dislikes.
  6. No harassment (this will be judged on wether or not the victim requests action)
  7. No swearing or pretending to swear.
  8. No racism.
  9. No homophobia.

Chat Mod/Admin Rules

  1. Only warn, kick or ban users if they have broken any of the above rules.
  2. You will try to resolve things as best you can before giving warnings.
  3. You will warn them at least once before kicking.
  4. If need be, you will explain to the user what happens after they have been kicked.
  5. Only ban users if they have been kicked twice.
  6. If a ban is necessary, you will log the reason and explain to them clearly why they are banned.
  7. You will not promote users to CM without agreement from all existing CM's.


As you can see from the name of this Wiki, we are a Christian group. But all are welcome here.

As the Admins and Chat Mods of this Wiki, we will not enforce our religious views onto others and we expect you to agree to do the same.