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Old vs. New Emotes

Do you guys prefer the old MB emotes or the new ones?

Just let me know and I will change the ones we have now :)

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Old, for sure. TS

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New ones are rubbish guys, we should stick with the old. TS


I like old... but some people like the new ones better so both. TS

Old and new. Or just old. Of course we gotta have custom as well.

@Boyo: Custom you say... how about a "Cross" emote? :D


4 votes for both, 2 votes for new. Both it is!! Smile.png But I will make the old ones as our main emotes since they seem to be more popular TS

@AJ: Cross? You mean like angry?


No, I mean a Cross as in "THE Cross" the one Jesus died on. :)

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